VVVVVV (6 Vs) is a game created by Terry Cavanagh (in the indie group distractionware). The game is about a group of scientists, captains, professors and much more that travel in a space ship until it crashes. After that, the Captain, named Viridian, must save his friends and get out of the strange dimension. The game is strongly devoted to the 8-bit Commodore 64 era. The game was first released for Windows, but now it can be played on Android, 3DS, Mac, Linux and iOS. After version 2.0, Terry released a free-to-play version, which didn't included his original levels, but the complete level editor and player levels system.

VVVVVV moved on from Flash engine to C++ after Update 2.0.

Critics Edit

VVVVVV was praised by the critics, the soundtrack and the difficulty were the first subjects that came in mind. IGN said "VVVVVV is all about style, and if you just can't appreciate the time warp aesthetic, you should probably find your kicks elsewhere. While VVVVVV's stripped-down graphics can feel cold at times, the game's soundtrack helps warm it up." (7.5) [cite 1], TouchArcade said "VVVVVV is great on pretty much every platform it's been released on" (10)[cite 2], Destructoid gave 9.5 out of 10 and Metacritic gave 4 out of 5.

Community Edit

VVVVVV has a fairly large fanbase, congregating on various forums and message boards. One major part of the game's fan community is the Distractionware forums, where all the custom levels made with the game's level editor are posted.

When VVVVVV was ported to C++, version 2.0 of the game came out, and the level editor was added, the VVVVVV community was greatly affected. Distractionware became increasingly more active, and countless custom levels were posted. Today, VVVVVV's community isn't as active as it was in the past, but it definitely lives on. Visit CCCCCCommunity for more about it.

Free-to-Play vs Pay-to-play comparison Edit

Feature Free-to-play Full Retail Game
Demo Make & Play Online Beta
Music Yes Yes Yes Yes
Terry's original levels Partial[1] No Yes[2]
Game Modes (Time Trials etc.) No No No
Player levels No Yes No
Level editor No Yes No
Achievements No No No
Secret Lab (and Super Gravitron) No No No

Free-to-play download

Pay-to-play steam page, ouya, google play and app store.

Version comparison Edit

Comparison of VVVVVV features in all versions.

Feature v1.0 / v1.1 / v1.2 v2.0 v2.1 / v2.2
Music Yes Yes Yes
Original game Yes Yes Yes
Game Modes Yes Yes Yes
Level editor: Basic tools / Basic scripting No Yes Yes
Level editor: Advanced tools / Advanced scripting No No Yes
Secret Lab and Super Gravitron Yes Yes Yes
Port Flash C++ C++
Achievements Yes Yes Yes

Plot Edit

While they travel in space, Viridian detects an interference, which makes them crash, in an attempt to escape, they go through a teleporter, but, unfortunately get teleported randomly and separated. Viridian then needs to find his friends and get out of there. First, he need to pass through Space Station 1. Then he gets to the D.S.S. Souleye, and can finally explore and try to find his friends.

As the game is open world, the story depends of the player after that point, but certain things are surely going to happen:

  • After rescuing 2 crewmates + Violet (rescued in Space Station 1), the first intermission will play, there, Viridian and the crewmate he rescued last will need to get find a teleporter together.
  • After rescuing 3 crewmates + Violet (rescued in Space Station 1), the second intermission will play, there, Viridian and the crewmate he rescued last will need to get find a teleporter together.
  • After rescuing all crewmates, the final level will start, there Viridian needs to find the reason of the interference and then escape alone.
  • After finishing the level above, the game ends.

Trivia Edit

  • The rooms that make up the levels in the game each have names, created by Bennett Foddy, the developer of QWOP

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