"It's pretty hard, I can only survive for about 10 seconds..."
— Vermilion
Gravitron old
Gravitron is a minigame available in VVVVVV. It consists of an empty room with two gravity lines and several enemies. One gravity line is placed near the top of the room, and the other is near the bottom. The enemies constantly come out at random times in random places on both sides of the screen, in various patterns. The idea of the minigame is to move left and right while bouncing back and forth between the gravity lines, and avoiding the enemies.

Gravitron Edit

The first appearance of the Gravitron is during Intermission 2. This version requires you to survive for 60 seconds in the Gravitron. Fortunately, it checkpoints every 5 seconds, so you don't need to survive the 60 seconds all at once.

Super Gravitron Edit

In the Secret Lab, the Super Gravitron is accessible as a minigame through a warp token. Vermilion is in the room with the warp token, along with a terminal which says that the Super Gravitron is intended for entertainment purposes only and that anyone caught using the Gravitron for educational purposes may be asked to stand in the naughty corner.

This version of the Gravitron is endless and considerably more difficult. It doesn't checkpoint every 5 seconds like the original Gravitron, making it way more difficult to complete.

Trivia Edit

  • The Gravitron is one of the most hated levels/rooms in the VVVVVV community.
  • Vermilion, who hangs out in the room of the secret lab where the Super Gravitron's warp token entrance is, has a personal high score of only about 10 seconds.
  • The Secret Lab's Super Gravitron is available on mobile devices as a seperate free app, containing only the minigame. That does not mean that the full $3 game doesn't include it.