This is the page that has all the glitches for the game VVVVVV.

  • During the "Secret Lab" cutscene, when they all combine, press R to die. You will be transported back to the ship as Super-Sized Viridian. Press ESC to go back to the main menu. When you go into the game, you will play as Super-Sized Viridian and you can go through walls at will and sometimes stutter between screens.
  • While you are Super-Sized Viridian, go to a orange wall that's ontop of the ship. If you try walking into the wall, you will start going through the wall. What's behind that orange wall? It's the Secret Lab's Super Gravitron! Once you get there, quickly go to the end of the screen and you can let it sit there and get whatever time you want.
  • If you die when they're all teleporting (flashing) in the opening cutscene, when Viridian goes into Space Station 1, he will be flashing. This will end when you die. It can also possibly end when you rescue Violet.
  • You can skip Space Station 1 by dying after you teleport into Space Station 1. Note that you have to go back and rescue Violet after you skip. (NOTE: YOUR GAME CAN BE CORRUPTED BY THIS.) After you rescue Violet, sometimes it'll say that Violet hasn't been rescued, so do this at your own risk.
  • Super Gravitron, we all know it, right? Well if you hate it, you can actually SKIP it! When you enter the Super Gravitron, do a quicksave and then quit. For some reason, the game ALLOWS you to save in the Super Gravitron. When you load the save, you can go out of bounds. You SHOULD stay on the screen, or else...
  • If you go off the screen during the Super Gravitron out-of-bounds glitch, you can see all the enemies stacking up. When the timer hits 0, Viridian is thrown off the screen. You can still move around amazingly, but if you move just in the right spot, you end up in Outer Space. The game hardlocks from there however, so you cannot move and do anything.
  • (This glitch requires invincibility mode to be on) To trigger this glitch, you need to stand on the last disappearing platform in the room "The last straw", fall onto the spikes, then walk into the next room. Normally, if viridian is inside a disappearing platform, he will be pushed to stand on top of the platform dependent on the orientation of Viridian. If you flip right as you enter the room "W" after "The Last Straw", you will be pushed into the wall and start falling though the level into other rooms. Then you will find yourself in the room "Tunnel of Terror" from intermission 2. One of the crew members will also be there waiting for you to "rescue" them again. Finally, once you go through the teleported, many of the textures in the game get randomized, along with room color pallets. "The Tower's" entrance and exit are invisible and the entrance seems to have an invisible wall that prevents you from entering. The graphical glitches do fix themselves if you go back to the main menu and reload the file. However, if you do this glitch, the game will become unbeatable, since Viridian is still "missing" and there will be no way to reenter the final stage.
  • If you remove the save files while the game is still running, when you go to select your saves, sometimes the save files will turn into the title "Error! Error!" and there will be no crewmates rescued. (tested only with v2.0)
  • If you follow the same steps as the previous glitch, sometimes the game WILL continue, but there will be no intro, the cutscene music is permanently playing, and no crewmates and trinkets are collected. (tested only with v2.0)
  • In the demo, Go to Space Station 1 Then The Lab.
  • There is a glitch that lets you get over 20 trinkets. This glitch can even be used to skip other hard to reach trinkets, like the Doing Things the Hard Way trinket, and still unlock the jukebox and Secret Lab. The player must have at least one trinket to do this. They must go to the teleporter in the room A Wrinkle in Time, and go to the next room (Brass Sent Us Under the Top). If they go to the room  A Wrinkle in Time and quit the game just before the room changes, the screen will turn black. The player is actually in  A Wrinkle in Time, but the room hasn't loaded. Viridian can still move around, and the flipping sound effect can be heard. Viridian can be heard speaking, and you can use the teleporter. If the player does, they will be teleported to the ship. The game will return to normal. Then, Violet will be rescued, and the cutscene that happens when you rescue her will play. After it, the player will find they are playing a new save file, but the number of trinkets from the previous save file will remain. All other trinkets will be in the world, and then the player can get over 20.
  • If the above glitch is used multiple times, the player can get 50 trinkets. Upon getting another, instead of saying fifty-one, it will simply say Lots. This will remain if any more are collected.
  • In the editor, if you get a trinket right as a reply script is used, the game freezes. You can still make sounds, but Viridian is stuck in place.
  • If you spam flip under/over a warp line, you can glitch through it.
  • If you go into a wall from the edge of a room, Viridian will go into and up the wall.
  • If the player is in invincibility mode and tries to save Vitellary before Violet, when you rescue Violet after Vitellary, it says that Vitellary hasn't been recused.


  • During the Awesome Games Done Quick 2014, the runner (FieryBlizzard) found out that his save file was destroyed because of the Violet skip glitch. He had a backup saved and used that however, so a couple seconds of the run was lost.
  • The Super-Sized Viridian and Super Gravitron Hardlock glitch were taken from FieryBlizzard's run.