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• 2/17/2015

Opening to Community

I kind of started to mess with Community thing with tabs at Crewmembers. At the time I added tabs, it was still a beta thing, Kr38or and some anonymous guys that tried to edit found it strange. And I never finished it anyway, specially with CCCCCCommunity coming. But now, I think it is time to finish what I begun. As Kr38or said about his wiki "The wiki will be partially a joke, and there's going to be a lot of funny stuff in it". And as the purpose of this wiki was providing a giant encyclopedia the most serious and clear way possible ("possible", because the name Villi is just way too dumb to be serious), I think it is good to have a version here, even through smaller and not so focused (after all, it isn't all community wiki, like Kr38or's, that I will still try to contribute).

TL;DR (I think it is like that, may it be TR;DL? LT;RD? Who knows?) I will start to move on and add some community based projects here, however Kr38or's one will still be the main source of info about that, here, you will receive just small and clear things, without jokes. I will research a lot.

By the way, different pages will be closed at different times here, so if you really want to contribute, help Kr38or with his wiki, specially if you're with the community since idk 2011. You'll be really, really helpful.

(Who I think I'm fooling, I just want to get to 200 to make Space Station to down there  at the Wikia Ads)

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• 2/18/2015

I said that my wiki would be partially a joke because it's a fan thing for the community, and there are a lot of different jokes and funny things on the forums. The main subjects I'm trying to create to lay down the wiki's foundation are turning out pretty serious so far, but this wiki won't be completely boring :)

And yeah, I might need quite a bit of help with CCCCCCommunity in the future, because I didn't get into the forums until the beginning of this year.

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