How to edit pages! (See this before adding or editing)

For people not to compromise the pages status, I decided to do this.

Q: How I start a page?

A: After adding a page, start with the name of what you're referring to, then a "()" (bracket, parentheses, whatever), inside them you will place the Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese Translation, Google can be very handy, if you still suspect the translation, I will edit them for you, but doing it by youself would be very very good. Character names and things like this don't need Portuguese translation.

E: Page (Página, 頁)

Q: And after that?

A: Start discribing what the page is about. Then you can release yourself and talk about all other different topics about it. When ended. Create a Trivia (and, if needed, a Cite tab), place your Trivias there and check your article one last time while searching for Trivias that aren't on Trivia's tab and other rules.

Q: What are citations? How can I correctly use them?

A: Cites are a little link icon that appears close to your text when you want to cite something, it happens mostly on reviews, but you can use them when trying to show something Terry said on game development or things like that. To use them, after writing the paragraph which cites that link, use the Cite function, place the link there and use the prefix [cite].

PS: After ending the page, with trivia and etc, make a new heading called "Cite", there use the cite feature the wiki gives you to show a citation list, the game's page is a good exemple. The cite and citation list is "Reference" in the updated editor.


NEVER: He said "What are you doing?."

NOW: He said "What are you doing?".

Q: Be clear.

E: You don't want to make your reader lost in several pages, make links to pages just enough, if you make too many links, you're probably making the wiki reading way too confusing and losting a viewer. You also want to be civil. I don't want pages like:



Template:Infobox - Never use this, it is there mainly to create new infoboxes based on it.

Template:Infobox quest - Use this at the start of a Stage page. Remember to use "locatedon" to place where it is located (Dimension VVVVVV or Polar Dimension). You shouldn't have lots of problems with it. As most of the stage pages are already made by this point.

Template:Infobox time trial - Use this at the end of a Stage page, next to Trivia. The title will always begin with Time Trial and then the number it is placed on the game list. You will see that there is 2 trinket spaces. The first is how many trinkets you have to collect at this time trial. The second is how many trinkets you have to collect in the normal mode to unlock this time trial. (This is a old infobox used on Stages, it isn't used anymore, so you can just skip it)

Template:Infobox character - All characters are already done so you will have no problems with it. But just in case, age = gender.

That is it! Good posting! If your page does not fit the rules, do a blog post on the forums, it will be much better received here!